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July 2017
Care Takers in Mumbai

MyChores’s objective is to provide expected and reliable services with integrity & commitment.

Since myChores’s inception, it has been helping its clientele find reliable helping hand for families, which are looking for Domestic Help. It offers wide variety of services extending from finding a simple Maid to baby sitter, from a personal driver to a pet caretaker, not only this myChores exclusive service for the elderly and patient includes resource for personal attention to a caretaker.

myChores, in its pioneer attempt, endeavours to detail ways a patient care is given. we goes beyond its scope to fill the gap by establishing a standard pattern for elderly care & patient care at home. The resource that myChores provides are pre-verified and skilled enough for more than a simple responsibility.

When you approach myChores, your requirements are matched from our huge team of resources for your domestic work. Having trained aides for taking care of your elderly parents or any patience on daily basis as per your requirement with no hassles. Once you choose myChores you can rest assured for the wellbeing of the elderly or patience

After a hectic work schedule a person may not be in a condition to take care of patient in the expected manner. myChores has identified this vital service, yet often neglected part of patient-care. It has been noticed that quite a few families who are expecting different kinds of domestic help and of which perhaps extra care that is needed especially by a patient who, perhaps, is just discharged from a hospital or is suffering from some severe ailment that requires special attention on hourly basis. This inspired myChores to help our client with a special caretaker for the patients care.

myChores aims at redefining the way domestic help segment works in the society by extending its wings for the patient at home that will surely help remove frustration & pain of the family members. It will help improve the quality of life of the patient and of family members as well!

myChores is here to provide a solution to the growing demand for home patient care services in metro cities. It has been founded with the mission to serve its clientele with uninterrupted and best personnel in the patient-care vertical.

myChores is the right place to find someone empathetic to take care of the elderly parents. myChores tries to get healthier life for families in need of elderly care.

No matter how problematic it might be, myChores takes care of the responsibility of finding the right elderly care for you.

You can always expect more from myChores because family needs more

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