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Aug 2017
Child Care Services in Mumbai

For any child to develop into a good human being, it is important that they receive the proper care and nourishment during their growing up years. In today’s hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, parents find it difficult or sometimes impossible to give their kids the necessary undivided attention even if they want to. As a result, the kids might end up feeling neglected. This is when parents prefer hiring a child caregiver or a nanny to take care of their baby/child.

A nanny of a child caretaker will take care of your child’s needs and schedules in your absence. We help you in finding an experienced and caring person who shall take care of your child’s food and eating schedules, taking them to their tuition/extra-curricular classes and picking up, providing them with nourishing snacks; all the while being loving and nurturing towards them. Most important of all, you should be able to trust them with the safety of your child. You can give specific instructions regarding their duties towards your child to ensure your child a proper upbringing in your absence. A kind and experienced nanny accompanying your children shall put you at ease about their safety and health.

We at MyChores help you find the person who will be most suitable to take care of your child according to your needs. An online form specifying your particular requirements needs to be filled. After submitting the form and paying the registration fee, we set out on shortlisting people for your requirement after the initial screening process. Once the people are shortlisted, we set up personal interview sessions with you so that you can have the complete satisfaction of getting to know the person before entrusting them the responsibility of your child. This is also a good time for you and the prospective nanny to discuss their duties and their payment. Only after you are personally satisfied with the person, shall they be considered to be hired.

After you arrive at a decision, we take up the next process of doing a thorough background check of the caregiver along with document and police verification. After going through all the necessary security checks, the nanny shall be sent over to your home.

During this time, we highly recommend you to observe them and their skillset as you have a 2-day trial period after which you can arrive at your final decision of hiring the selected person or not. In this trial period, you can also test out whether your child is getting along with the nanny well. You revert back to us with your decision and if you are unsatisfied with the nanny, we shall help you find a suitable child caregiver whom you can entrust your baby/child with full confidence.

We always strive hard to get you the most experienced and skilled people in their filed so that you shall be satisfied with their service. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority hence we are always at your disposal to help you out in all way possible to us.

After you are satisfied with the person hired, you can pay us the balance fee. This should be duly noted that this is a one-time fee that is valid for an entire year to avail our services.

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