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Childcare: How to choose the best childcare person?

Apr. 2019
Child Care Services in Mumbai

Private caregivers of children – The need for Family Assistance

The definitive inclusion of women in the labor market, the time away from home, and the difficulty of reconciliation in our country mean that, once the maternity and paternity leave ends, many parents consider the best way to educate their children is someone reliable and trustworthy to look after their children. MyChores is a professional domestic workers hiring platform that provides professionals for child care in Mumbai.

Advantages of individual caregivers of children

One of the most valued options is to entrust the care of children to grandparents. Without a doubt, this is a good alternative since grandparents are great caregivers; the child stays within the family nucleus and a familiar environment. However, the postponement of motherhood has the consequence of increasing the age of grandparents, who often no longer have the conditions or enough energy to care for their grandchildren. Therefore, when the time comes, families consider the choice between a day care center or a city or children. In the case of caregivers, the child remains in their environment and adapts to the schedules of the parents without them having to modify their routines at all. On the other hand, nurseries are subject to certain times to which parents must adapt.

The nursery advocates argue that children are there with other children, so their socialization is encouraged. The detractors, on the other hand, assure that a minor does not begin to awaken his social interest for other children until he is 3 years old, so in the previous period it does not make sense to take him to a nursery for this purpose.

We believe that, if a child caretaker is chosen is chosen, specialized professionals should be consulted, since the care of a child requires a series of knowledge, skills and experience that needs some professionalization. What should not be forgotten is that the first years of children's lives are of vital importance for their emotional and social development, so the most important thing is that the treatment the child receives is the most appropriate. In day care or at home, a good caregiver must be empathetic, positive, kind, affectionate and able to establish an emotional bond with the child so that he feels comfortable and does not value the absence of his parents as something negative.

Requirements that a caregiver should meet

  • Multitasking capacity

    Caring for a child involves multiple tasks such as playing with him, helping him to do homework, feeding him, taking him to his extracurricular activities, changing diapers, making bottles, sleeping and basic health and hygiene care. So a good caregiver should be able to carry out all these tasks without problems, and many times, at the same time. They should like the children, be decisive and organized.

  • Ability to work independently

    The education of a child is a great responsibility that, of course, rests with his parents, but during the hours that the caregiver spends with him he will have to make decisions that concern this education. Thus, you must be able to take them independently and, above all, have common sense.

  • Adaptability

    Although the caregiver has to resolve conflicts and mark the guidelines, the educational decisions of the child are made by the parents, so even though in some cases, the caregiver does not agree with the parents' way of proceeding, they must adapt to this that, otherwise, the child will receive opposite stimuli and will feel confused.

  • Sense of humor

    This quality must go hand in hand with patience; taking care of a child is not an easy task. Reasoning with them can become very complicated, so being patient, tolerant and with a sense of humor will help the child's attention to be much better.

  • Communicative skills

    Making oneself understood and convincing the child of what is best for him without impositions is another of the needs of a caregiver. If he cannot empathize with the child, he will hardly be able to take care of his caregiver, because he will not take him seriously.

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