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Being a parent, who you choose to take care of your child when you are away is a very important decision to make& we understand that completely. MyChores is here to simplify that decision and help you hire the right nurturing caretaker for your child. Be it a caretaker for your newborn or a caretaker for your growing child we can help you with your requirement. A caretaker is perfect not just when she is nurturing but also when she is fitting right into your home & family. With our experience of helping hundreds of families find the right caretaker for their households, we are confident we will be able to provide you the right choices to hire

problem every working parent faces:

You are probably a working professional who has work responsibilities that cannot be set aside. You also want to raise your child with perfect care. Many times people get caught into a dilemma of whether to choose job or the child care and often they want both. This is where good child caretaker or infant caretaker comes into picture that makes both profession and child care possible.

What every parent wants in a child caretaker:
  • She should be tolerant andattentive all the time
  • She should be hygienic
  • She should care the child with affection
  • She should not work hastily

When a child or infant caretaker meets the above criteria you can trust that person and willingly give your child in their hands. MyChores understands the concern parents have when they hand over their child to a caretaker because child care and infant care is a delicate job that demands continuous attention and dedication. We at MyChores make sure that you get the right kind of child caretaker or infant caretaker that makes your life easy.

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Please note that in cases where the requirement is special (English-speaking Nanny / an overnight caretaker / Remote location etc.), it can take more time to line up candidates than a standard time of 3 days. You could contact our team to get a detailed idea of the timelines.

Why you should hire through MyChores:

MyChores’sis completely transparent with its customers and never leaves them hanging.Ourteam listens to your requirement carefully &provides you with all the necessary details upfront. Our strong database of vetted caretakers is something we pride in and no matter what your requirement is we are confident that we would be the fastest platform in the city to close your requirement. Not just placement, our super responsive team is always just a phone call away to help you in case you need a replacement or assistance with any hiring related issues.

Maid Database
10,000+ Child caretakers
Cooling Period
5 days Cooling Period
Police Verification

Customer reviews:

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The team of mychores is really trustworthy... It has just been 5 days since I have kept the maid to look after my little one... they have already provided me with the police verification and have completed all the formalities... the services provided by the company are really appreciable...!!

I am using's service since few months. One good part is that they are quick with replacements. Unlike other agencies My Chores will always listen to your problem and help you with a solution. I had to change my initial two babysitters due to their in capabilities. Currently I am on the third option provided by My Chores and quite happy and satisfied. Samruddhi has been a great help and is a great listener too.Please keep up your good work. We working people need good agencies like yours.

Got Nanny from MyChores. Very happy with her. She is experienced and takes good care. Kiran Patel who was the executive was very cordial and is helpful. He answered every query of mine patiently and to my satisfaction. I often call him and he answers in same polite manner. Keep up the good work. Hoping for a lasting relationship with MyChores and Kiran.

Tips to hire the best caretaker:

The Domestic Help segment is a very unorganized & unprofessional segment. Let alone any law there is hardly any common rule book to understand how the segment should work. From our experience, we are sharing the below tips to help hire & retain good caretakers. As you should understand by now, good caretakers are always hard to find & retain.

  • When you like a Child Care Taker in the telephonic interview, be polite with him / her. A candidate is more likely to turn up for the physical interview when he /she gets a good response from the employer
  • If you like a caretaker and she agrees to join, ask him/ her to join the same day or the next day. This will give less or no time for the caretaker to pursue other opportunities and save your time
  • After a caretaker of your choice joins at your home, treat her well especially the first 2 weeks. Most caretakers leave within 2 weeks of joining or after receiving 1st salary. If they don’t, they will more likely stay with you for a year or longer
  • There could be times when a candidate agrees for the physical interview and doesn’t turn up. We advise you to keep atleast one candidate as a backup during the telephonic interviews, so that we can line up the next candidate without delay.

How it works:

"Hire the right MAID for your home"