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Aug 2017
Domestic Maid Services in Mumbai

It is very obvious to go for a readymade option, if we need to complete our one time daily and routine tasks. But have you ever wondered that readymade things may cost you more than what you could get out of that money at home?

It is very difficult to search for some good substitute which will take care of your pocket and your daily chores without disturbing and compromising with your expectation. To get better service at your doorstep, is what we aim for at myChores.

Be it a permanent or temporary domestic resources myChores offers it all to its fullest capacity to fulfil its clients’ requirements. The company believes in rendering a service which is non-stop .Be it family or bachelors the domestic resources service is for everyone with same efficiency. Offering domestic services to enhance the daily lifestyle of the busy household is the only objective of the company, and to achieve the same it strives hard to maintain the apt. delivery of service on time.

MyChores, was established in the year 2014, and has become famous for what it does in a very short time. It has excelledin its capacity by offering appropriate domestic resources to its clients. The company is the predecessor in the field of domestic resources service providing, and is a famous name in every household. With a huge team of domestic resource, the company endeavour house-help such as Housemaids, Cooks, pet caretakers, baby sitters, elderly caretakers, so on and so forth.

Ensuringits best by means of providing skilled, flexible and trustworthy resources. MyChores acts as the Domestic help provider” for every house hold. The company has marked its presence in the major busy cities like, Mumbai, Thane & New Mumbai, and has happy and satisfied clientele.

Be it odd job or even in the field of domestic help myChores has a solution for it. Taking care of the likes and dislikes of the customer is the main objective of the company and accordingly the resources are being offered to choose from.

Many a time choosing a right resource for your house help becomes very difficult with other companies as you don’t have any option and have to be satisfied with what is being offered. But with myChores you have the freedom of choice in hiring resources for your daily chores. Even after obtaining the resource, if you feel you are not satisfied with the work, you can simply revert with your feedback and the company would get a permanent replacement for your house help.

Choose the BEST! Choose myChores!!

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