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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cook for Your Home

May 2018
Home Cooking Services

Are you very careful about choosing the right cook for your home as you know you can’t spend enough time in the kitchen? Good food leads to good and healthy life. So, it’s extremely to choose a cook who not knows a number of good dishes but also takes good care of people’s health while cooking something. But if you are currently confused about what to look for in a good cook, here are a few tips on how to hire a cook for home . So before you select someone for the position, ask the following-

If he maintains hygiene

If you are planning to hire a cook from some reputed agency, you will get a chance to talk up close with the applicant. Then you should make sure that the person maintains good hygiene. You need ask question about this. Rather, you should judge by the way of his/her dressing and body language. A clean dress and a good attitude might be green signals for you. Also ensure if the person is medically fit to perform all duties. For example, if a big get-together is arranged, he/she will be able to cook for such a huge number of people or not.

If his spoken language is comprehensible to you

Check if the cook talks clearly. Even if you have cultural differences and his mother tongue is different, he must know a language that you both understand. Also you must ensure that he will be able to follow your instructions properly in the future.

If he is honest and reliable

Once you visit maid agency , you will be given a database of eligible cooks for hire. But try to find out someone who is honest, reliable and responsible. During the face-to-face interview you will get enough time to judge his nature from his attitude and behavior. If you can’t decide from an interview, you will get a chance to find out his good qualities and more information about him during a trial working period.

If he has experience of working

To know about the experience of cooking, you can ask a few questions about his past employments. Collect information about how many years of experience he has and what he has cooked so far. This will also give you picture about how prompt and skilled he is in his job. At the same time you must also ask if he can cook the dishes that you may him to do. This will allow you to understand how flexible he is or whether you shies away from trying out new items.

If he meets your expectation

Be clear about why you are hire a cooking maid and what you are expecting him to do. The interview is a good time to tell about your expectations and the job responsibilities that he has to carry out. Whether you want somebody on a temporary or a full time basis, make negotiations and fix the schedule and salary there and then.

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