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Top 4 Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Cook Online

Aug 2018
Home Cooking Services

Sun’s out, guns out. Well, not literally! But summer’s here already and who likes to sweat in the kitchen after a hectic day at office? That’s why there are professionals for the kitchen work. Now in this digital era finding a cook is not a big deal anymore, but what we often forget to check are certain qualities and some information about the cook that can make a big impact later. So read below to know what essential things to remember while selecting a cook for home.

Hygiene comes first!

The food becomes healthy when hygiene is maintained. So you must ensure that your domestic cook maintains hygiene in the kitchen and always keeps hands clean. This you can come to know while talking to the person before hiring. Today most of the online agencies offer their clients a chance to talk to the potential candidate face-to-face. If it feels awkward to ask directly about it, you may judge by the way of his/her dressing and body language. A clean dress and a good attitude might be green signals for you. Also ensure if the person is medically fit to perform all duties. For example, if a big get-together is arranged, he/she will be able to cook for such a huge number of people or not.

Do you understand what he/she speaks?

This is easy to know. If you both understand each other’s language during the interview, then there’s no problem in it. Even if you have cultural differences and his mother tongue is different, he must know a language that you both understand. But this is not all. You must make sure that the cook is smart enough to follow your instructions properly. For example, if you ask him to cook for a certain number of people, he should prepare dishes accordingly, not more, not less.

If you are hiring a maid for cooking, you should try to know about the experience of your selected person. For that you can ask a few questions about his/her past employments. Collect information about how many years of experience he has and what he has cooked so far. This will also give you picture about how prompt and skilled he is in his job. At the same time you must also ask if he can cook the dishes that you may him to do. This will allow you to understand how flexible he is or whether you shies away from trying out new items.

Honesty goes a long way!

There are hundreds of agencies in town that offer home cooking services in mumbai. And all these agencies will provide you with a large database of people who are ready to cook at your home within your budget. But are they all reliable? We are always ready to spend a few bucks more to hire an honest person. So when you will sit face-to-face with a candidate, you must judge his nature and his attitude to understand whether he is speaking honestly about himself. If you think he is trying to hide something, think about a second option. But do not compromise on honesty for a few bucks.

It is not always possible to judge a person’s nature from a small interview. So some agencies are offering trial cooking services. So contact such agencies and get a chance to find out about good qualities and other important information about your cook during a trial working period.

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