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Essentials Topics and Questions for Housemaid Interview

May 2018
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Are you looking for a good housemaid? If your answer is yes, you must consider approaching a reputed agency that provides skilled and well experienced housekeepers within your budget. They have a process of selection in which they allow you to choose and interact with the candidate in a personal interview.

Before the interview starts, here are certain things that you should consider in the beginning.

  • Introduce yourself and tell the number of members in your family and their ages.

  • Talk about the job responsibility and the type of work you want to get done by the housemaid. Be it cleaning the floors, washing walls and kitchen countertops or doing laundry, you must be particular about what you want.

  • At last, be positive and make the housekeeping applicant comfortable.

Now the idea of an interview is to know a person better with specific questions. So ask those questions that can help you learn about the candidate and the types of maid services done in the past. This will help you make your decision of selection easily. Here are a few general topics that will cover all your housecleaning queries.

  1. Most significant accomplishment as a housemaid

    After you ask the applicant to introduce himself/herself, you can throw this question about the most significant accomplishment in his/her career. You must give some time to think and answer. It will open up a side of his/her personality and how much he/she is serious about the job.

  2. Hobbies and interests

    To ease up the interview room, you can ask a casual question about hobbies and interests. What a person likes to do in the leisure time also gives a hint at his/her lifestyle, personality as well as how active he/she is.

  3. Concept of housecleaning

    To know what he/she thinks about the job, you can briefly discuss about the concept of housecleaning. Then you can also about the previous job responsibilities.

  4. Experience in the job

    Experience matters a lot in domestic maid services. If you have an elderly patient or a child at home, tell the person then. An experienced maid will know how to work in such an environment.

  5. Motivation at work

    What made the person choose the job and what drives him/her to work every day? This can be an important topic for understanding the person’s nature.

  6. Expectation from the job

    You must also ask about the applicant’s expectation from the job and the employer. Whether it is salary or satisfaction from the work, the answer can vary from person to person.

  7. Work method- part time or full time or both

    Before you appoint somebody you should know if he/she works on part time or full time basis or comfortable with both. Based on the answer and requirement for maid services in mumbai, you must choose the candidate.

  8. Different types of work known

    You must ask about the types of work previously done by the applicant. If the person knows different sorts of work, it’s a plus point for you.

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