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What Are the Factors to Determine While Hiring a Housekeeper?

May 2018
Housemaid in Mumbai

Are you workaholic who doesn’t get time for doing laundry? Or, are you an elderly individual who might use an extra hand in cleaning the floors and kitchen countertops? Whatever be the case, today hiring a housemaid is not a new thing. People often hire on full time or part time basis. From cleaning dusts to mopping to doing dishes to washing windows and attic, a housekeeper may be assigned to do various jobs. In fact, there are many maid agencies in Mumbai that provide reliable maids within budget. However, when the word ‘budget’ comes to mind we try to be particular about what we want. So here’s a few factors to remember to understand how often you will need a housemaid.

How often do you need?

Daily basis: Does your schedule give you no time for yourself or your family? Then you will need a housemaid in Mumbai who can assist you with the chores daily. An elderly individual who is unable to do the cleaning and all other household chores can also contact a trusted agency for a maid.

Weekly or bi-weekly basis: Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is a suitable option for those who need a regular maintenance of their homes. The maid may have to stay a bit longer attend to the nooks and corners of the house so that you don’t have to do a deep cleaning every day.

Monthly basis: Anyone who wants to maintain a clean look of the house can opt for a monthly option. The task of a professional housekeeper will include vacuuming, scrubbing the floor, doing the laundry or just cleaning the dust of the entire house.

Now, be it daily, weekly or monthly cleaning, make a settlement about this with the housekeeper while hiring them from the agency. You must also choose any of these options based on your budget.

What need to be cleaned?

The next factor that determines how frequently you require a maid is by deciding the tasks at first. On a personal interview you can settle the frequency of the service with the maid. If you want help for basic chores like cleaning the floors, vacuuming, dusting and doing dishes, you should ask for a daily schedule. But if you just the need the bed sheets and curtains changed and bathrooms cleaned, then the weekly option may work best for you.

However, for time-consuming tasks like cleaning the attic, kitchen cupboards, walls or washing windows, you should hire a maid on a monthly basis. If you think you need a domestic help for less consistent time, you can hire on an ad-hoc basis. But here you must ensure that your agency offers settlement.

What is your budget?

When you think of getting an extra help, you must set a budget. For that you should chalk out a list of chores that need to be done. The most pressing tasks should on top of the priority list and the less important things can be put at the bottom. This will save your time and give you an idea about how often you need a housemaid.

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