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At MyChores, you could trust our drivers, who are skilled at driving all kinds of vehicles no matter how far the road appears rough. Truly, you could bid farewell to your fears, as a vibrant and a medically fit individual would arrive right at your doorstep to serve you. Regardless of how much the roads might be brimming with activity, the person would be skilledat his responsibility. Besides being conscientious and careful,the chauffeurs that we select would ensure that you would have a pleasant drive along the way. Also, We considersecurity very seriously. So, even before the driver is sent to your residence thorough document verificationand background checks are carried out along with police verification once the driver has been selected.

So here’s how MyChores simplifies the task and makes it easy for you to hire a driver.

Personal Interviews:

Firstly, all you need to do is fill up the details online and we shall get back to you with adept individuals who offer full time driver services. At this stage, you need to pay a token amount which will give us a green signal to search and select a driver near your location.After our initial screening and vetting, we fix a meeting between you and potential the chauffeurs. You could then select anyone of them and discuss relevant details.

Trial Period:

After a personal meet up, you can try the driver for 2 days which is the trial period. If you are not satisfied with the driver’s services, you can come back to us. We would be delighted in searchingdrivers better suited for your need.


This would never be problem because even before the driver is sent to your residence, the driver undergoes thorough background checks and document verifications. Besides, police verification is done post confirmation of the driver from your end.


Once you have decided to move ahead with the driver, you can keep MyChoresinformed about your decision and go ahead to pay the balance placement fee. Not to be forgotten, this is a one-time subscription fee for the year. Visit our Charges page to know more about our fee structure.

Important Note:

We would like to stress upon that we are simply facilitators. Our role is simply to help you to find someone who is proficient enough with driver services. We play our role in matters related to selecting, hiring and replacement of drivers. It is recommended that you discuss the duties, the monthly payout and other details with the driver before hiring him. You could even set his timings as per your convenience.

Enquire Now at MyChoresto hire the trustworthy and skillful driver you are looking for so long!

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