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At some point, all of us find ourselves taking care of our ageing parents or other elderly members in our family. While it is a blessing to be able to do so and repay the gratitude, it is not an easy task for everyone. Most of us would appreciate the assistance of a good caretaker who can help us takes good care of our elderly and MyChores specializes in helping you find that trustworthy, experienced and responsible elderly caretaker who can provide the best care to your elderly even when you are not around.

Mychores can help you find a caretaker who can do everything from maintaining hygiene, help in their mobility, feeding, helping in their exercise etc. All non-medical care can be provided by the caretakers.

Relief for the elderly:

Many people are short of time and they don’t want their beloved elderly to suffer. Maybe you can care your elderly and you want a helping hand for caring a diseased elderly. MyChores makes it possible for you to get a reliable and efficient person who will care for your elderly like a family member. You can carry on with your daily activities and also keep a watch on your elderly through an elderly caretaker . The person can feed the elderly, care after their medicines and other daily medical needs, bathe them and clothe them and give them every possible relief in distress. The elderly caretaker can also travel with them since special care is often necessary when they travel. This can be really beneficial to them since would not be able do all of that in limited time and nor you can stay with them 24 hours.

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Why you should hire through MyChores:

MyChores’s is a leading hiring platform in Mumbai with 3+ years of experience in understanding the client’s requirement and proving the best suited candidates accordingly. With the largest database of registered workers in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai and a passionate team to assist, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best possible service in the city. Not only during the initial placement but even during the time when you may need a replacement, we are always here waiting eagerly to help you.

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Customer reviews:

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I am a sailor and travel 6 months of the year, my prime focus is to have a happy maid at home who is regular and takes care of my parents in my absence, Mychores was recommended by a friend, and my experience is been the best so far, I had hired a residential maid last year in 2016, she hails from ratnagiri and is almost my family now, every four months that she travels to her native, Mychores makes sure to get me a temporary replacement for 10 days without causing discomfort to my parents. Mychores office staff are very helpful and very cooperative. Thank you Mychores

One word Review about MY CHORES Excellent Excellent and Excellent i was really desperate for a maid within 24 hrs for my mother and I really got one Excellent maid from my chores she is really very good plus their Executive who came her Kiran Patel really helped us. His codination with us was really very good and Samruddhi Patil was really polite from the word go. Thanks My Chores and Samruddhi and Kiran.

Hired a boy for my dad (elderly care) for full day. I had a great experience with mychores service. They worked in a very professional manner to ensure that client's need gets serviced. Keep it guys.

Domestic help is difficult to find, and my job was done easy by Mychores team. Their way of helping you find a maid is superb, they understand your need and find you a suitable choice in 3 working days, I wanted a baby care cum elderly care help, and they have found me the most efficient candidate, plus as promised they did the police verification too... I am super happy, good luck to the team.

Tips to hire the best elderly homecare services:

The Domestic Help segment is a very unorganized & unprofessional segment. Let alone any law there is hardly any common rule book to understand how the segment should work. From our experience, we are sharing the below tips to help hire & retain good caretakers. As you should understand by now, good caretakers are always hard to find & retain.

  • When you like a Elderly Care Taker in the telephonic interview, be polite with him / her. A candidate is more likely to turn up for the physical interview when he /she gets a good response from the employer
  • If you like a caretaker and she agrees to join, ask him/ her to join the same day or the next day. This will give less or no time for the caretaker to pursue other opportunities and save your time
  • After a caretaker of your choice joins at your home, treat her well especially the first 2 weeks. Most caretakers leave within 2 weeks of joining or after receiving 1st salary. If they don’t, they will more likely stay with you for a year or longer
  • There could be times when a candidate agrees for the physical interview and doesn’t turn up. We advise you to keep atleast one candidate as a backup during the telephonic interviews, so that we can line up the next candidate without delay.

How it works:

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