"To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours!"
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MyChores is surely the way to find someone compassionate to take care of the elderly living with you. No matter how complicated it may be, MyChores takes care of the responsibility of finding the right elderly caretaker for you. Whether you are busy as a bee or always on a business trip, you no longer need to worry about your elderly. If you are the person who has aging parents staying with them and is in search of someone who would always attend to them then you are at the right place. The care takers we source are trustworthy, kind and responsible. They take care of everything your elderly would need. It could be providing medicines on a regular basis, helping them move around the house, feeding them or be a good listener whenever needed. In fact, we believe in making a difference to every household through our commitment. A little love goes a long way.

Here’s how it’s easy and simple to seek a person who offers elderly care services through MyChores.

Personal Interviews:

Once you have forwarded your details to our team and have paid the registration fee, then we would screen and vet the right caretakers for you. We would fix a meeting between you and prescreened elderly caretakers so that you could personally interview them. You could then hire anyone of them and discuss the essential details.

Trial Period:

Post the meeting, you can try the elderly caretaker for 2 days which would be treated as a trial period. If the caretaker’s services are found unsatisfactory, you can come back to us. Our personnel would be more than happy to search other care takers for you through the vast network of care takers we have built.


Before the care taker is sent to your residence, security would never pose to be a problem because the caretaker undergoes thorough document verifications and background checks. Besides, police verification is initiated once you have confirmed the caretaker.


Once you have made a decision to go ahead with the care taker, you can revert to us and pay the balance placement fee. Remember, this fee is just a one-time subscription fee to be paid for the entire year. For more information on our fee structure, please visit our Charges page.

Important Note:

MyChores only acts like a facilitator and deals with matters pertaining to selecting, hiring and finding a substitute for an elderly home caretaker. It is recommended that you discuss the responsibilities, the monthly remuneration, and other relevant details before you proceed to hire the caretaker. We request you understand that caring for the elderly at home could be highly varying on the personal choices of the elderly and the kind of care required. We recommend that after appointing the care taker you instructhim/her in detail to suit the needs of the elderly at home.

So, why wait? Book Now at MyChores and we would be happy to help you in the best possible manner. We value your requirements and would find the best suited caretaker for you

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