1. What kind of service do you provide?

At MyChores, we take care of the process of finding and assisting in hiring of maids, cooks, daycare assistants and drivers depending on your needs and the timings which suit you. Visit Services to know more about us.

2. What is the process for hiring a domestic help through you?

First, you need to submit your request by paying the registration fee and filling the job description form,once this is done the maids or the workers are lined up within 24 to 72 hrs at your convenience. We would be lining up to 3 most suitable candidates as per your job description form, if in case you are not able to select within the first three then we will send you two more candidates, but beyond that charges would be applicable.

3. Once selected, can I go for a trial period?

Yes. Once you have selected the individual you could go for a trial period of 2 days to observe if the services rendered are satisfactory. If you find anything unsatisfactory during the trial period, then we will be happy to provide a replacement.

4. In case the worker leaves us in the middle of the month then what is the scenario?

In case the worker leaves you in the middle of the month, then you need to pay him for the days he has worked for and place a request with us for replacement. If the request is within the contract period and terms, Mychores would provide the necessary replacement for you within 24-72 Hrs.

5. What is the number of leaves given to the domestic worker? And when?

Normally as per prevailing practices domestic worker would expect two days of paid leave in a month and 10 days of leave in a year for festival and other emergencies. This could be discussed and decided among the householder and the candidate whom the householder short lists. You may also check our advisory on the T&C for more information.

6. Who are the employers of the domestic worker, MyChores or us, the householders?

MyChores is not the employer of the domestic help. The employer of the domestic help is the householder at whose place the worker is being hired to work. MyChoresjust facilitates the process of hiring, helps with the documentation and are responsible to get you a replacement in case the worker leaves the job or you let go of the worker due to any issue.

7. What if I need someone near my resident / location?

Don’t worry. Whenever we line up candidates, the location is taken into consideration. We have database of workers sorted out as per the area or the location.

8. What if my requirement of the services from the worker changes in the middle of the year?

If the requirement of the work changes, for example, if the initial requirement is only child care (8 Hrs) and now it needs to be upgraded to cooking + Child care (12 Hrs).
You would need to fill a new job requirement form and pay Mychores the respective one time up gradation fee to upgrade from 8Hrs to 12Hrs&we would find the worker as per the new requirement. The old contract with the old requirement becomes null and void for the rest of the year and we would find you replacements when every needed as per the new requirement going forward.

9. Do you provide the mop, bucket, broomstick, etc… when the maid is hired?

No. Once you have selected the maid, our prime responsibility ends there. We expect the householders to provide whatever is needed for cleaning the house.

1. How should I know that the individual is trustworthy?

Before we send you maids, drivers or any other worker, we verify the background by interacting with the acquaintances and meeting them at their Households and also police verification of the respective worker is done so as to ascertain the worker has no criminal background.

2. When is the Police Verification of the worker initiated?

The verification is initiated Post hiring, and post the payment of our full fees. police verification process is undertaken to confirm that the individual has no criminal records.

3. What if the worker lacks the requisite documents for police verification?

It is entirely up to the willingness of you, the employer of the worker to continue with the same worker if you are happy with her or MyChores would be happy to replace the worker for you.

1. Who pays the salary of workers?

The salaries of the workers are to be paid by the householders at whose place the worker is being placed.

2. What is the agency fee if we are hiring a worker through Mychores?

We charge our customers a fixed fee for our services which is split into two parts. Initially, we take a token amount of Rs. 1000/- before lining up interviews at your residence for shortlisting. Once you have decided / shortlisted on a candidate and after the successful 2 day trial period, you can pay us the remaining amount.For more details, you could check Charges on our website.

3. Is there any additional fee that I have to pay the company / agencyas a share from the salary of the worker placed by you on a monthly basis once the maid is hired?

No!We do not take any share from the salary of the worker. The workers are registered for free on our platform. You only have to pay the worker what has been mutually agreed upon as monthly salary between you and the domestic worker.

4. What are all the modes of payment available to us to pay your fee?

To pay the required fee you can request a cheque pickup at your residence or also chose to pay by card/net banking through our secure online payment gateway.

1. What are the benefits of the 1 year membership?

As part of the membership contract we would provide you 2 permanent replacements and free temporary replacements for planned leaves by the worker in a year. On request we would always be happy to lend a hand to settle any dispute arising between you and the worker.

2. For how many years can I avail the services of the worker?

It’s a contract of one year with you. Once a year has completed, you need to renew the contract paying the required renewal fee of Mychores to experience uninterrupted service. Please go through our Charges on the website for more information.

3. How much would the renewal fee be after the 1 year contract expires?

The renewal fee is typically 75% of the original fee you have paid initially to Mychores i.e. you would be provided a discount of 25% if you wish to continue the service the following year.

4. What happens if we don’t renew contract paying the renewal fee?

If you chose not to renew the contract paying the renewal fee after the contract expires, the worker working for you would be free to be sent to other interviews and would move on as soon as she finds another job. If you wish to take up Mychore service again, you would be required to pay the full fee as per the requirement.

1. Is MyChores responsible to handle disputes / misbehavior / discipline or timing issues of the worker placed?

Give the candidate is thoroughly interviewed and vetted by you during the trial period; MyChores is not responsible for the workers behavior in any way and does not undertake to resolve discipline or quality of work or any other issues of the worker placed by us. MyChores only facilitates the hiring process, replacements within the contract period and documentation of the domestic workers placed.

2. On a request will MyChoresspeak with the worker to help resolve issues with the domestic workers placed in our house?

Yes. On a request from the client we can speak to the worker and help resolve issues.

3. What is the process to raise a grievance related to the services (Hiring, replacements, Document verification) provided by Mychores?

For any complaints related to Mychores services (Hiring, replacements, Document verification), request you to drop a mail at info@mychores.in or call +91 22 – 25826465/+91 9773 06 3517 explaining the problem. Our operations manager/customer care executive will provide a solution/solve the query in 24 Hrs. Please visit our customer Feedback to know more details.

4. What is the escalation matrix if the query is not resolved?

If you are query is not resolved and are frustrated, you could write an email to info@mychores.in attaching the conversation/supporting documents. We promise to resolve your query as soon as possible.