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Oct 2017
Hire A Driver in Mumbai

In this day and age of fast lifestyles and faster traffic, it is nearly impossible to reach anywhere on time without going through 1 or 2 almost-accidental situations. Now-a-days, the cities are being known for their traffic problems rather than for their culture or people. So even if one enjoys the occasional act of driving around the city, the congestion on roads can be a total put off for them. The best case scenario in such situations is to hire a driver in thane and be worry-free.

But hiring a driver can also be a huge task. You should be able to trust their driving skills enough to let your loved ones travel with them without you accompanying them. One can never guess the actual skill of the driver until and unless they test them out themselves. Unfortunately,for some, they realise the person they have employed as their driver isn’t as they expected much later.

MyChores is a one-stop solution to all your driving disquiet. We specialize in providing people who are well experienced to be employed as drivers with our clients. Our team boasts of a huge network of verified resources available for corporate and personal driver requirements. They are well accustomed at driving all types of vehicles swiftly in all types of traffic conditions. Time is of utmost value to you and they have an understanding of that. Hence, they always make efforts to make you reach your destination on time without as smoothly as possible. We at MyChores always strive to provide our clients with the best driver services and client satisfaction is our top priority.

Safety is of equal importance to us and our clients. Hence that aspect of the driver’s job cannot be neglected or compromised upon. Hence, for the personal satisfaction of our clients, we organise one-on-one interviews with prospective employees so that you get a sense of what kind of person you are looking to hire. During this time, you can discuss at length their duties, their charges, shift time and any other particular set of needs that you may have. Every client is unique and so are their requirements. To make sure that we do justice to this quality of our client, a 2-day trial period is provided by us for you to be 100% sure about your choice by having practical experience with their service. If after this, you are not happy with your choice, you are most welcome to get in touch with us and we shall help you further in looking for the right kind of person who shall match your specific needs and requirements.

Client satisfaction is the highest form of praise that one can get and we always keep working towards the goal of achieving that with each and every client. Each and every customer is important to us and we pay attention to all of their detailed requirements that they put forth for consideration. Our aim is to free you from the hassles of the process of hiring a person for a particular service and make it as smooth as possible for you. So come join our family of happy customers by registering with us today and wave your worries goodbye!

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