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You are at right place, if you are looking to hire a reliable maid to save a great deal of time and escape from the never-ending house chores. It is very important who you chose for a maid at your home. While a right choice of maid can provide great comfort to your home & family, a wrong choice can be a total nightmare. Mychores is your ideal partner to hire the right maid for your Home.

Daily Chores in every home:

Nearly all homes have regular chores like sweeping, cleaning the floor, washing utensils and cleaning the kitchen, getting the grocery and daily food items, laundry and cleaning bathrooms. These chores are necessary but they can take up a lot of your time and time is what people are short of in the metro cities. In a city like Mumbai, busy schedules of working professionals make it impossible for them to work and also maintain the house. That is the reason majority of them opt for maids who maintain their houses and provide more than what they would possibly do on their own.

We provide maids for variety of chores:

We provide maids for part time and full time work. You can expect the following work activities form them:

  • Floor sweeping & cleaning
  • Washing utensils and kitchen cleaning
  • Doing laundry
  • Cleaning bathroom/washrooms
  • Frequent cleaning of the crockery and other delicate items
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Why you should hire through MyChores:

Our experienced team listen carefully & understands your requirements.Using our greatest strength which is our huge network of Maids, we will provide you with the best suitable matches. We believe every home has a different need& every maid carries a different work attitude. Mychores aims to close the gap by helping you chose the best suitable candidate.

Maid Database
1000+ Maid Database
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Customer reviews:

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MyChores team has been a great help in making my life so much easier. I needed a very reliable support as I run my own organization and focusing on my home chores and office was difficult. they provided me with a house help who suited my needs perfectly. It helps me do my work well. their staff was very attentive to my requirements and heard me correctly. I have had an awesome experience with MyChores and would recommend them as an excellent value for money. Especially commendable is the non-exploitative way they treat a house help.

I am glad to write a review, excellent experience all together, the team really listens to your requirement and tries to give a suitable match, I am completely satisfied with their services, please try them if you are looking for a good maid.

My first experience through My Chores was awesome. My Chores team helped in not only providing a maid within two days but also as per my requirement. I am thankful to the entire team of My Chores especially Kiran who is doing a wonderful job. He is very cooperative and helpful. Keep up the good service My Chores team.

I live in the extreme end of borivili, to be specific gorai side and I was just unable to find any reliable domestic help at all, however Mychores has been extremely helpful in finding a reliable resource, though she is not within my vicinity, all I can thank the team for is to resource a good candidate, I had registered in mid April and they found me a help in a week's time, with a regular follow up to let me know that they are working out on my case. Thanks to the entire team .

My chores made my life so much easier!! I live abroad and came to know about the company from a friend. I used your Maid services about a month ago and I can't tell enough people how pleased I am with the results. I liked the professionalism of the company and am truly impressed with the entire team who was courteous, professional and gave a personal touch to the work. Thank you so much!!!

Tips to hire the best maid:

The Domestic Help segment is a very unorganized & unprofessional segment. Let alone any law there is hardly any common rule book to understand how the segment should work. From our experience, we are sharing the below tips to help hire & retain good maids. As you should understand by now, good maids are hard to find & retain now days.

  • When you like a Maid in the telephonic interview, be polite with him / her. A candidate is more likely to turn up for the physical interview when he /she gets a good response from the employer
  • If you like a maid and she agrees to join, ask him/ her to join the same day or next day. This will give less or no time for the maid to pursue other opportunities and save your time
  • After a maid of your choice joins at your home, treat her well especially the first 2 weeks. Most Domestic help leave within 2 weeks of joining or after receiving 1st salary. If they don’t they will mostly stay with you for a year or longer
  • There could be a time when a candidate agrees for the physical interview and never turn. We advise you to keep atleast one candidate as a backup during the telephonic interviews, so that we can line up the next candidate without delay.

How it works:

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