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When you know, it is always a race against time and it is tough to attend to the household chores, you actually need a full time /part time maid. You would also at the same time think twice before entrusting your valuables and children / loved ones in someone whom you have never met or have not known before. MyChores provides an ideal solution to the problem providing you with a reliable maid who could do all your household chores effectively and also is thoroughly vetted. The organization probes into the background and checks it to ensure the maid is trustworthy and reliable. Our vast network of maids built over the last few years have people with different range of experience and skillswhichare needed to take care of all the household chores that you can possibly imagine.

So here’s how MyChores extends a support for searching your experienced and trustworthy domestic maids in Mumbai.

Personal Interviews:

Once you have transpired the details to our team, we will line up interviews with maids residing near your location on receipt of the registration fee. Next, you could personally interview and choose one of the maids suiting your needs.

Trial Period:

Post the selection of the candidate, you can try the house maid’s services for a span of 2 days which is considered as the trial period. In case you are not happy with the selected house maid, you can contact MyChores at any point of time. We would be much more delighted to source another candidate better suited for your needs.


security would never be an issue with us because our team conducts background checks and document verifications before the maid is sent to your home. Additionally, police verification is initiated once you have decided to go ahead with the maid.


Post confirmation, you can inform MyChores and proceed in paying the balance placement fee. To know more about our fees, you can navigate to the Charges page on our website.

Important Note:

We simply work as a mediator with the task of finding a proficient and a responsible maid. We take care of selecting, hiring and matters related to replacement of maids. We suggest that you discuss relevant details, the monthly payout, and the duties before appointing either a part time or a full time maid.

Enquire Now at MyChores, if you are finding it hard to hire a reliable maid who would take care of your household chores.

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