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Background Verification Service

Do you usually hire your Domestic Help through the reference of the security guard or through the reference of another maid??? If Yes, this then you should read on...

While hiring a domestic the basic screening you would do is through personal interactions or in some cases you would also look at the basic documentation and make a decision to hire the domestic help. Do you think doing just that is enough? Well, With the increasing crime rate related to the Domestic Help workers you should ask yourself that very important question before hiring a Domestic Help.

Don’t Compromise on the safety of your loved ones!

With high rates of unemployment there is mass migration to cities in search of jobs, there are many bad elements along with the good ones that come to the cities for opportunities. Crimes are on the rise and we can help you reduce the risk of hiring unreliable domestic helps with questionable backgrounds at a very reasonable cost. Times are such that Employers (i.e. you) need to screen potential workers on criminal background and other credentials before hiring to ensure safety of your loved ones.

We understand that you may not have the bandwidth to go beyond the normal personal discussions and the documents the worker hand over to you. So here we are with an offer to do background verification at a very affordable price of Rs. 999/-. All you need to do is register online by paying Rs. 999/- and our team will take over from here and get the verification done.