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What makes MyChores different

Nov. 2019

After a long day at work, coming home to piles of tiresome chores and housework is bound to induce a splitting headache. Not to mention if you have children pulling and tugging at you to satisfy their whims and fancies. In such a situation when feeling strained from juggling multiple household chores every single day, hiring an extra pair of hands to do the work seems like an attractive option.

Taking the decision on whether to hire a maid near me can be a tough one. There are many maid services in Navi mumbai which you can go through but we suggest to go for the best. Maids are now becoming a crucial part of families. From cleaning duties to raising the kids of the house, maids are responsible for the well-being of a household.

Is hiring a pet caretaker worth it?

Oct. 2019

Fret not! You are now with us on the journey of finding out what is best for your pet. After reading this article we are sure you will find a positive and correct answer.

If you're a pet owner you pretty well know the chores that comes with your sweet little pet. So, whether you are a traveller, office person or just busy with some or the other work all the time, arranging care for your pet while you're away can feel like an overwhelming decision.

Why do you need a maid? Let's find out!

July 2019
home-maid-service in Mumbai

Finding it difficult to clean your house daily? Not getting enough time to spend with your closed ones? Tackling work and home at the same time is getting stressful? Tensed about the comfort and safety of your newborn?

Are these thoughts rushing in your mind and hampering your health? If yes, then you’re in the right place! My chores believe that every home is unique and personal. Every family has different needs, various priorities, and individual routines. That is why we help you get the right assistance as per your needs.

How to care for a chronically ill person at home

May 2019
Child Care Services in Mumbai

Caregivers often adopt a key role in the lives of the elderly with chronic diseases. Their main tasks are: improve your health level, detect your needs, promote self-care to prevent complications of chronic disease, give psychological support and collaborate with doctors and social workers to ensure that our work walks in the same direction; the care of the chronically ill .

Childcare: How to choose the best childcare person?

Child Care Services in Mumbai

Private caregivers of children – The need for Family Assistance

The definitive inclusion of women in the labor market, the time away from home, and the difficulty of reconciliation in our country mean that, once the maternity and paternity leave ends, many parents consider the best way to educate their children is someone reliable and trustworthy to look after their children. MyChores is a professional domestic workers hiring platform that provides professionals for child care in Mumbai.

International Women's Day 2019 #BalanceforBetter

 International Women's Day 2019 #BalanceforBetter

"Strong Women BUILD Stronger Nations" _Zainab Salbi

It's a celebration of WOMANHOOD every day at MyChores (Nes Homecare and Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd.) MyChores in tune with the International Women's Day-2019 theme #BalanceforBetter🌷. Women have come a long way, yet there's more to be achieved.

A plan to de-stress your home after a long time


If you want to refine and clean the house so that it will look like new after the holidays, the first thing you have to do is get rid of all those things that "poison" your home. Not in the literary sense but from the point of view of dust and dirt. 

A house is a house for many things. Literally thousands and thousands of things and the very basic instinct of a human being is that it loves his things and never wants to throw things away.  Over years we being fond of many things some of which are important and some of them are absolutely necessary. It is not about accumulation of the necessary things. It is about accumulation of excess things that we only use once or twice or to our surprise never! Despite that it is commonly seen that the drawers and the closets are filled with all sorts of unimportant and outdated things that they almost resemble to crap.

Everything you should know about cleaning washrooms and toilets

Washroom cleaning services

The cleaning of the toilets is fundamental for the hygiene of those who use them. The bathrooms of the home, those of the office or public toilets are the elements that can concentrate a greater amount of dirt and are a breeding ground for the proliferation of organisms harmful to health. The concentration of humidity, the excess of lime and a continuous and frequent use make the cleaning special. Cleaning is essential in these areas. With patience and willing to work hard it is possible for you to thoroughly clean the bathroom but good cleaning is always credited to professional bathroom cleaning services providers.

15 Tricks to keep your house always clean and tidy

Nov. 2018
kitchen cleaning services.jpg

House cleaning is a daunting task if it has a lot of mess and it requires tough cleaning. Most of the work can go easy if you know the right tricks and tips that will help you save time and effort. If your house seems messy but you lack time, with these routines you will manage to keep the chaos at bay. MyChores a professional maid service provides the following advice tips that will make your house cleaning efforts fruitful without tiring you out.

How to clean kitchen furniture like professional cleaners

Oct. 2018
kitchen cleaning services.jpg

Do you want to clean kitchen furniture like a professional kitchen cleaning services? We will show you how.

Without a doubt, the kitchen is one part of the house most susceptible to stains. We spend a large part of our time in the kitchen. When cooking, it is normal for grease stains to accumulate, debris and all kinds of dirt difficult to remove. That is why it is so important to know how to clean kitchen furniture.

If you do not know how to clean kitchen furniture correctly, stains can accumulate and reach a point that is truly difficult to remove them. For reasons of hygiene, it is important to clean kitchen furniture very often. The image of your house can be affected by a dirty kitchen. Also, since we are going to have to spend much time in it, we better have it in the best possible conditions.

4 Most Essential Qualities of a Good Driver

Sept 2018

Whether you are looking for a driver for your personal car or professional purpose, you must always remember the most essential qualities of a driver. A good driver never makes any compromise with the passenger’s safety. He drives carefully while obeying traffic rules and keeps the car in good condition. There are more such qualities that a professional driver possesses. Here’s a detailed insight into them.

Top 4 Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Cook Online

Aug 2018
Home Cooking Services

Sun’s out, guns out. Well, not literally! But summer’s here already and who likes to sweat in the kitchen after a hectic day at office? That’s why there are professionals for the kitchen work. Now in this digital era finding a cook is not a big deal anymore, but what we often forget to check are certain qualities and some information about the cook that can make a big impact later. So read below to know what essential things to remember while selecting a cook for home.

5 Essential Traits to Look For in a Good Pet Caretaker

July 2018.
Pet Care Takers in Mumbai

Does it seem like a challenge to find a good pet caretaker who can attend to your furry friend while you are not home? Well, you are not alone. For many it is hard to select a person who can take care of your pet just as you would do only if you could be home all day. But not to worry! Here are some essential characteristics that you must look for while hiring a pet sitter.

Best Ways to Recognize a Good Housemaid

June 2018.
Hiring Platform for housemaid

Once you hire a good housemaid, it can change your life completely. All the piled up things in your sofa will find the right place to fit in. People who are too busy to attend to household chores, having a maid can keep their house clean and well organized.

Are you one of them who hardly get any time to do the smallest tidying up chores at home? Do you often struggle to do laundry, clean kitchen countertops and oven or scrub the floors? If yes, then you will obviously want somebody to get you through this without spending too much. Keeping this in mind, some reputed domestic help services in Mumbai are offering housemaids online. You can choose and try their services during a certain trial period. Once you hire someone, you will be charged only the essential amount.

Advantages of Hiring a Corporate Driver from a Professional Hiring Platform

June 2018.
Hire a Driver in Mumbai

Corporate drivers are not only well-skilled in driving different types of vehicles but also make an effort to offer comfort and privacy to passengers. When you are appointing somebody to pick and drop a client, you will be happy to find that they are all professional in their manners and add a dimension of comfort to your business dealings. As a result, you client is treated with etiquette and quality service and at the same time they are happy with their professional dealings. Here are 6 more benefits of hiring a driver for your car.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cook for Your Home

May 2018.
Home Cooking Services

Are you very careful about choosing the right cook for your home as you know you can’t spend enough time in the kitchen? Good food leads to good and healthy life. So, it’s extremely to choose a cook who not knows a number of good dishes but also takes good care of people’s health while cooking something. But if you are currently confused about what to look for in a good cook, here are a few tips on how to hire a cook for home . So before you select someone for the position, ask the following-

Essentials Topics and Questions for Housemaid Interview

May 2018.
24 hour maid service

Are you looking for a good housemaid? If your answer is yes, you must consider approaching a reputed agency that provides skilled and well experienced housekeepers within your budget. They have a process of selection in which they allow you to choose and interact with the candidate in a personal interview.

What Are the Factors to Determine While Hiring a Housekeeper?

May 2018.
Housemaid in Mumbai

Are you workaholic who doesn’t get time for doing laundry? Or, are you an elderly individual who might use an extra hand in cleaning the floors and kitchen countertops? Whatever be the case, today hiring a housemaid is not a new thing. People often hire on full time or part time basis. From cleaning dusts to mopping to doing dishes to washing windows and attic, a housekeeper may be assigned to do various jobs. In fact, there are many maid agencies in Mumbai that provide reliable maids within budget. However, when the word ‘budget’ comes to mind we try to be particular about what we want. So here’s a few factors to remember to understand how often you will need a housemaid.

Signs You Can’t Ignore If You Need a Housemaid

Apr 2018.
Housemaid in Mumbai

In the fast paced lifestyle, when you have very little time to spend with family and kids, cleaning finds the last place in your priority list. In fact, it becomes that household chore which you keep postponing for days until you forget to do at last. But cleaning is an important thing for leading a healthy lifestyle. There’s an old saying- “Cleanliness is godliness.” A neat and clean house looks presentable to guests and keeps the members happy and healthy always. So every day when you come home from work and see things piling up here and there, it’s a major sign that you need a maid in Mumbai now. Not convinced? Here are more signs to look out to know whether you need a housekeeper or not.

Do you have a 'Chalti ka Naam Gadi' and looking for a driver? Keep these points in mind

Mar 2018.
Find a Driver in Mumbai

So, you live in Mumbai and phrases like heavy traffic, 'Aage jam hai', last local, 'Taxi bhaara' etc. have become a part and parcel of your life. And because of all this, people are afraid to take their vehicles out and so, the vehicles just keep existing in the garages and entrances of your houses. Mumbai walahs, we know what you need. You need to hire a driver. Because living in Mumbai without car is still possible but without a driver- impossible! Thus, to avoid the huge influx of crowd travelling through the city, all day and night long through the commercial queen city, you need a driver to get through all this and reach your humble abode.

5 things to be kept in mind before planning on having an in-home caregiver for the elderly.

Mar 2018.
elderly care services at home

Do you feel troubled and helpless when you have to leave your parents and grandparents back home, alone? Do their old faces keep revolving in your mind while you rest your head back at your desk? To end your worries, a new option of hiring a personal caregiver is introduced in agencies of Mumbai so that you can unload the burden and guilt of not attending them back home. But then to come to a decision of hiring such services is a tough one as it is a matter of great trust and safety. Inspite of all the added tension, it has become one of the most important decisions of your life because you need to take care of your elderly members as they are your roots and to let the tree of your life grow, you need to perform well at your job. So, you need to have a maid for elderly care at home. Before that you need to learn a few tips on how to move ahead of your trust issues. Here are some suggestions that will help you find and filter out in the selection process.

Is hiring a child caretaker in Mumbai a sane option? Let's find out!

Feb 2018.
Child Care Services in Thane

Nannies are not new in this world. From ancient ages to this hi-tech age, in the texts of every age- somewhere or the other there has been some kind of a description about a nanny. Not necessarily the 'Mary Poppins' we are dreaming about but a child caretaker who takes up the position of a secondary caregiver in our absence and take utmost care of our children. Thus, Nannies are no less than 'blessings' for us. And in a city like Mumbai, it becomes difficult to find a child caretaker on whom you can rely. So, in order to trace the whole search and selection panaroma of a child caretaker in Mumbai, one needs to opt the safer option of calling up an agency.

A good child caretaker in Mumbai is like having a golden hen. It’s like a one time-investment, where you reap the benefits everyday. Then why not go for this option? Pick up the mobile phone and dial up the agency that provides childcare services. Want to know more about the child caretaker or want to see if you can leave this upto the agencies? Well, to make an informed decision, you first need to scan the agency.

10 Attributes of a Great Cook for Home

Jan 2018.
Hire a cook for home

Food is a necessity of life and you simply cannot do away with it. Not only does food provide energy to your body to carry out daily chores, but it also gives proper nutrients to your muscles and brain to function properly. Even your immunity power gets increased if you eat healthy food items. However, if you are in Mumbai and trying to keep up with the fast pace of the city, you might just not have enough time to cook a wholesome meal for yourself and your family. Now, vada pav is delicious, but you cannot eat that your entire life. Can you?

The next inexpensive option after vada pav is hiring a cook for home . This will help you save a lot of money on restaurant and takeout bills. If you just reach out to an agency specializing in helping individuals like you find a cook, you can forget all your worries and just concentrate on delight food.

How Can You Tell That Your Aging Loved One Requires Professional In-home Attention?

Jan 2018.
Patient Care in Mumbai

It can be really difficult to watch someone who you love age. Your father, mother or your favorite aunt might have a hard time coping with unpredictable physical problems during their later years. They might also suffer from conditions, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or face problem with mobility. Under such circumstances, you will have to think about hiring a patient care taker for your loved one.

An in-home caregiver for your aging loved one will be the best choice because when the elderly develop mental or physical conditions, they yearn more for the comfort of their home rather than impersonal walls of the hospital. Also, this ensures that your aged loved one feels happy and content.

Why is it a Good Idea to Hire a Driver?

Dec 2017.
Hire a Driver in Mumbai

Owning a vehicle is great, but wouldn’t you agree that driving is very taxing, especially with the terrible Mumbai traffic? Initially, it’s all fun and then, reality sets in. Whether out for business or enjoyment, you will be the designated driver for all occasions. The best way to drive around in and around Mumbai without any headache is by hiring a driver. The primary role of a driver is to take you to and from different places and make your drive as comfortable and convenient as possible. With an expert driver handling the steering wheel, you can sit in the rear seat and simply relax.

Here, take a look at 3 of the main reasons why availing driver services in Mumbai is a brilliant idea…

Elders Need Care, But You Don’t Need to Stress. Appoint a Caretaker!

Dec 2017.
Caretaker for Elderly in Mumbai

Inflation and extreme competition has affected every corner of India and Mumbai is no different. It is tough surviving in the City of Dreams without every member of the family taking up jobs to support the family. So, what do you do about the elderly back home? Can you confidently leave them on their own while you are away at work? If you can’t, search for providers of elder care services. For starters, hiring a caretaker for your grandparents or elder parents is a lot more affordable than putting them in nursing homes or specialized homes for the elderly. Keep reading to know more reasons why you should bring home a professional caregiver…

Life’s Busy? Hire a Full Time Maid in Mumbai!

Nov 2017.
Domestic Maids in Mumbai

It doesn’t matter if you are living in a big family or alone, a maid service can really make a huge difference to your life. For starters, it can help you to manage your home. Previously, maids were seen as a luxury, but as life have become hectic and a race against time, maids take an integral part in the life of the millennial. In fact, in modern households, it is the maid who has a very crucial and important role to play. Even a day of absence makes the occupants of the household feel incomplete!

So, if you have been contemplating the various pros and cons of hiring housemaids in Mumbai , take a look below at some of the wonderful ways a maid can improve your life…


Oct 2017.
Hire A Driver in Mumbai

In this day and age of fast lifestyles and faster traffic, it is nearly impossible to reach anywhere on time without going through 1 or 2 almost-accidental situations. Now-a-days, the cities are being known for their traffic problems rather than for their culture or people. So even if one enjoys the occasional act of driving around the city, the congestion on roads can be a total put off for them. The best case scenario in such situations is to hire a driver and be worry-free.

Know us. Explore us. Believe us…. myChores – Your Reliable House Manager

Sept 2017.
Domestic Maids Service in Mumbai

myChores is a company that offers helping hand to those who are in need. Company endeavors to relent the pressure of your domestic work from you. They follow the philosophy of help. The company, founded 5 years backwhen we felt that there was a need of a company, which provides an end-to-end solution for your entire domestic tasks. myChores has come very handy to professionals who are in great need of it.

Reliable and Trustworthy Child Care Services at MyChores

Sept 2017.
Child Care Services in Mumbai

For any child to develop into a good human being, it is important that they receive the proper care and nourishment during their growing up years. In today’s hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, parents find it difficult or sometimes impossible to give their kids the necessary undivided attention even if they want to. As a result, the kids might end up feeling neglected. This is when parents prefer hiring a child caregiver or a nanny to take care of their baby/child.

Mychores place to choose your finest help

Aug 2017.
Domestic Maid Services in Mumbai

It is very obvious to go for a readymade option, if we need to complete our one time daily and routine tasks. But have you ever wondered that readymade things may cost you more than what you could get out of that money at home?

Redefining care and concern with myChores

July 2017.
Care Takers in Mumbai

MyChores’s objective is to provide expected and reliable services with integrity & commitment.

Keeping Your(not so) New Year's Resolutions

Jan 2017.
Domestic Maids in Mumbai

As we brace up to another year ending and eagerly wait for a new beginning, we celebrate the virtual change all through the night and wishing every one for a happy new year. Every year, this time of the year we try to change ourselves along with the year hoping for better ourselves in the coming future. The resolutions you think of every new year keep piling up, but a new resolution strikes through your mind and gradually disappears from your thoughts as the days pass by and it gets piled up with the rest.


Sept 2016.
Cooking Service in Mumbai

Are you meticulous in choosing the best home cook when you know that you can’t spend enough time away from your busy schedule? Then, you should stop by. Here’s we have some tips for you which would help you select a home cook in a much better way. Hope you would face that worst situation when you have made the right decision in choosing the best worker.