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Trust But Verify

Verification of your Existing / prospective Domestic help workers like Maids, Cooks, Nannies, elderly caretakers etc. is an important tool for reducing the risk of a bad hire that could affect you or your family adversely as these people work in close proximity to your family.

We understand that it could be very difficult for you take time out of your busy schedule and follow the whole process of the verification as mandated by the Police department. The process not just involves filing the documentation but to go back and forth and do follow ups with the relevant police departments which could be highly inconvenient for you.

MyChores offers to help you with your domestic worker’s police verification at a nominal price of Rs. 999.Yes, you are right, you could be ensuring the safety of your home for a long time at just the cost of having a meal at a KFC joint or buying a weekend movie ticket.

All you need to do is to fill out the form and get started with the process. Our field executive will get in touch with you and your worker to initiate the documentation and process the request.

Why take a chance?? Get your worker verified & Make your home a Safe place today!!!


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