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5 Essential Traits to Look For in a Good Pet Caretaker

July 2018
Pet Care Takers in Mumbai

Does it seem like a challenge to find a good pet caretaker who can attend to your furry friend while you are not home? Well, you are not alone. For many it is hard to select a person who can take care of your pet just as you would do only if you could be home all day. But not to worry! Here are some essential characteristics that you must look for while pet caretaker in mumbai.

  1. Calm and flexible

    As a pet parent you must know animals sometimes tend to be cranky and things do not go very well then. So when you hire a pet sitter you should acknowledge whether the person can remain calm and patient as per the situation demands. When the pet caretaker stays calm, your pet does not feel the anxiety.

    This sort of anxiety-ridden situation can also occur when you are not home. If you work for long hours or you have no stable work schedule, then it will be great to have a pet caretaker who is flexible with the job and can come to your house on short notice. So you can leave for work at an emergency call or stay at office late, knowing that your pet is being taken care of.

  2. hearted

    One of the qualities that you must look for in your pet caregiver is sensitivity. A kind and sensitive caretaker understands the needs of your pet and attends to them. Depending on the mood of your pet, the person must realize what to do. For instance, if your dog does not want to play, the person should not force, rather give some space. At the same time make sure that the person you are hiring does not physical force or punishment such as dragging your dog’s leash harshly during a walk.

  3. Trustworthy

    If you leave home and your pet- all with your pet sitter, then it is very important to know that the person is trustworthy. To find out about the person’s trustworthy quality, check details about his prior work experience. Some pet home care services agencies offer to run a background check of their candidates. So meet such an agency and go through references from their previous employers before hiring.

  4. Experienced

    If our pet needs high maintenance or becomes challenging to handle sometimes, find a pet caretaker who is experienced about it. For example, if you have a large dog such as a German shepherd, the sitter must know how to take care of him and be able to furnish a certificate about work experience while you hire. In fact, if your pet has a medical condition, always hire a sitter who is good in this area.

  5. Consistent

    It takes a lot of time and hard work to teach your pet the rules and manners of the house and outside. So it is very important to hire a sitter who knows these rules and makes your pet follow them too. If you do not allow your dog to pee outside or sleep on the bed, your pet care taker should also train your dog in such a way he never forgets them.

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