Application Money

Particulars Our Fees Payment
Advance to book our services & line up interviews Rs. 1000/- Pay
*Token amount of Rs. 1000 paid in advance to book our services & line up interviews. We will line up 3 suitable candidates as per your specifications, every candidates interviewed thereafter will be on a chargeable basis at Rs.250/- per candidate taken in advance.

Fee Structure

Worker Category Worker Salary* Indication in Rs. Our Annual Fees Payment
Live in / Residential Workers 15K-20K Rs. 14000/-
Work Time:9-12 Hrs. 12K-16K Rs. 10000/-
Work Time:5-8 Hrs. 6K-12K Rs. 8000/-
Work Time:less than 5 Hrs. Depends on local understanding Rs. 5000/-
*Salary of the worker provided here is only an indication and can be different from actual worker expectation. Salary Negotiation is entirely between the worker and the employer.

Service Warranty

If the worker leaves the job without any valid reason or does not prove satisfactory in his / her work then we will provide you a replacement at no further charge round the year. (Maximum of two replacements in a year)

Take Fair Care

  1. Recognize that you will have an employer – employee relationship with the domestic help, and treating her with dignity and respect will get the best out of the worker.
  2. One month salary as bonus will be due to the worker at the time of Diwali. If the worker has completed three months and less than one year then the bonus calculation will be pro rata basis for the number of months/days
  3. Worker will have 7 days leave PA and 3 days of sick leave for the year.

Police Verification

The primary responsibility of police verification is that of the worker and is a matter between the employer and the worker. Given the difficulties faced by the workers to get this done themselves we facilitate and help with the process. While we try our best to ensure the worker is secure and initiate police verification subject to document availability, We are in no way responsible or liable in any way with any losses / liabilities / damages arising out of a situation where in a worker placed by us is not police verified. Please take note of the following points regarding police verification

  1. Police verification will be facilitated only if the required documents are available with the worker placed

  2. Police verification is an online process which takes a minimum of 21 day to 45 days and is entirely dependent on the dates given by the police department and the worker making it on time.

  3. Police verification will be initiated only after the trial period of 2 days is over and after the payment of our full placement fees

  4. To initiate the police verification a letter will be required from your end addressing us to get the police verification done for the worker placed at your home with her details. (Employment letter required by police department)

  5. We are in no way obligated to get the police verification done for the worker placed by us but we assure you that we would try our best to get the same done in all feasible cases. Our primary role is to act as a facilitator in the hiring process, and help with replacements.

Terms And Conditions

  1. The use of the Website by a Employer or a household or company shall be deemed acceptance of and agreement to these terms only.

  2. MyChores is a hiring platform. The website has been established to allow an Employer ( household ) to contact Employees (maids / domestic workers / drivers / services providers) listed with our platform as job seekers for the purpose of employment.

  3. The workers profiles listed / registered with us are job seekers. The information concerning skills and experience is provided by the job seeker and it is taken by us on good faith. As an employer you are supposed to check and satisfy yourself regarding the skills and suitability of the candidate. We do not issue any experience certificate to our registered members or endorse their skill / experience.

  4. Our full fee is due to us at the end of trial period of 2 days once the domestic worker is placed at your household.

  5. We would try to match the workers skill as per your requirement but it is necessary that you meet, interview and convince yourself / your family members about the service providers /candidates suitability and select the service provider /candidate yourself. We will only help with the search and interview process.

  6. Our warranty is subject to validation, which is by making full payment of our fees due to us at the end of trial period 2 days after placement of the worker.

  7. The warranty is not valid where the worker is leaving due to unfair labour practices / unfair treatment or breach of contract / understanding with the employee / worker.

  8. Replacement- Subject to the below conditions MyChores undertakes to replace the Maid / service provider / worker placed by us with a suitable Maid / service provider / candidate / domestic worker willing and able to fulfil the same tasks and duties as in the original job spec form / contract within 72 hours. However this is subject to availability of workers. The maximum time taken could extend up to 10 days

    1. We provide maximum of one replacements for up to one year from the time of placement of the first worker at no extra charge if the worker leaves the job without any valid reason or does not prove satisfactory in his/ her work.

    2. The replacement provided will have the same Job description and timings and hours of work as mentioned and filled in the job specification form during placement of the first maid / worker.

    3. Any change in the specification of replacement worker from the original Job specification form calls the agreement null and void. In case of changes in job description a new agreement with new specification has to be signed to take the process any further. ( charges may apply)

    4. We will try to match the skills of the replacement worker with the initially placed worker, however we do not guarantee that the replacement worker will have exactly the same personality traits and attributes as the one selected in first case

    5. The second replacement onwards you will be charged at the rate of Rs. 4000/- per replacement for full time workers. For part time workers the charge will be Rs.2500/- (within the contract period of one year)

  9. Contract is valid for one year and is renewable every year by paying the placement fee for the category as listed.

  10. In cases where the worker is not police verified we will initiate the police verification only after the placement of worker after the trial period of 2 days and after payment of full fees due to MyChores. Police verification will be done only where the requisite documents are available with the worker; we are not liable if the police verification is not done due to lack of documentation with worker. The time taken for police verification is not in our control and can extend up to 45 working days.

  11. If in cases where the worker leaves the job due to any reason you are liable to pay the salary for the number of days he / she has worked with you.

  12. You are liable to pay salary to the domestic worker for the trial period.

  13. Refund Terms :- Our clients are advised to check our refund terms. All refunds will be as per the refund policy.

  14. Company without any obligation may at its sole and absolute discretion provide references regarding the workers previous work place. Read More...


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