Worker Replacement Form

Replacement- Subject to the below conditions MyChores undertakes to replace the Maid / service provider / worker placed by us with a suitable Maid / service provider / candidate / domestic worker willing and able to fulfil the same tasks and duties as in the original job spec form / contract within 72 hours. However this is subject to availability of workers. The maximum time taken could extend up to 10 days

  1. We provide maximum of one replacements for up to one year from the time of placement of the first worker at no extra charge if the worker leaves the job without any valid reason or does not prove satisfactory in his/ her work.

  2. The replacement provided will have the same Job description and timings and hours of work as mentioned and filled in the job specification form during placement of the first maid / worker.

  3. Any change in the specification of replacement worker from the original Job specification form calls the agreement null and void. In case of changes in job description a new agreement with new specification has to be signed to take the process any further. ( charges may apply)

  4. We will try to match the skills of the replacement worker with the initially placed worker, however we do not guarantee that the replacement worker will have exactly the same personality traits and attributes as the one selected in first case

  5. The second replacement onwards you will be charged at the rate of Rs. 4000/- per replacement for full time workers. For part time workers the charge will be Rs.2500/- (within the contract period of one year)