Terms And Conditions

These terms, conditions, covenants, undertakings, rules and the privacy policy (collectively herein, for the sake of brevity referred to as “T&Cs”) and other terms and conditions as may be stipulated by MyChores (Hereinafter, in short referred to as the “Company”) from time to time are applicable to all/any person, whether individual, incorporated or unincorporated entity booking/procuring products and/or services via the Company’s mobile application (App)or otherwise or any other medium such as website etc. run and operated by the Company.

The App and website are owned and operated by the Company and all rights, title, interests including all intellectual property rights in the App and website vests with the Company. Company reserves the sole right to modify the T&Cs at any time.

The terms 'we', 'us' and 'our' refers to the Company and its affiliates and assignees and the term 'you' refers to person/persons using the services of the company, visiting the App, Website or any other medium operated and/or controlled by the company and/or availing/procuring products/services on these mediums. Words denoting singular in these T&Cs means plural and vice versa.Words denoting one gender means any applicable gender.

The terms domestic help / domestic worker / maids / worker / employee / candidates etc represents service providers. Please note that these service providers are in no way related to the company, neither they are employed by the company. They are independent people seeking employment / work through our platform.

By accessing or using the App or website, booking/procuring any products and/or services, you agree that the T&Cs as in force from time to time shall apply to you and be legally binding on you.

  1. The use of the Website by a Employer or a household or company shall be deemed acceptance of and agreement to these terms only.

  2. MyChores is a hiring platform. The website has been established to allow an Employer ( household ) to contact Employees (maids / domestic workers / drivers / services providers) listed with our platform as job seekers for the purpose of employment.

  3. The workers profiles listed / registered with us are job seekers. The information concerning skills and experience is provided by the job seeker and it is taken by us on good faith. As an employer you are supposed to check and satisfy yourself regarding the skills and suitability of the candidate. We do not issue any experience certificate to our registered members or endorse their skill / experience.

  4. Our full fee is due to us at the end of trial period of 2 days once the domestic worker is placed at your household.

  5. We would try to match the workers skill as per your requirement but it is necessary that you meet, interview and convince yourself / your family members about the service providers /candidates suitability and select the service provider /candidate yourself. We will only help with the search and interview process.

  6. Our warranty is subject to validation, which is by making full payment of our fees due to us at the end of trial period 2 days after placement of the worker.

  7. The warranty is not valid where the worker is leaving due to unfair labour practices / unfair treatment or breach of contract / understanding with the employee / worker.

  8. Replacement- Subject to the below conditions MyChores undertakes to replace the Maid / service provider / worker placed by us with a suitable Maid / service provider / candidate / domestic worker willing and able to fulfil the same tasks and duties as in the original job spec form / contract within 72 hours. However this is subject to availability of workers. The maximum time taken could extend up to 10 days

    1. We provide maximum of one replacements for up to one year from the time of placement of the first worker at no extra charge if the worker leaves the job without any valid reason or does not prove satisfactory in his/ her work.

    2. The replacement provided will have the same Job description and timings and hours of work as mentioned and filled in the job specification form during placement of the first maid / worker.

    3. Any change in the specification of replacement worker from the original Job specification form calls the agreement null and void. In case of changes in job description a new agreement with new specification has to be signed to take the process any further. ( charges may apply)

    4. We will try to match the skills of the replacement worker with the initially placed worker, however we do not guarantee that the replacement worker will have exactly the same personality traits and attributes as the one selected in first case

    5. The second replacement onwards you will be charged at the rate of Rs. 4000/- per replacement for full time workers. For part time workers the charge will be Rs.2500/- (within the contract period of one year)

  9. Contract is valid for one year and is renewable every year by paying the placement fee for the category as listed.

  10. In cases where the worker is not police verified we will initiate the police verification only after the placement of worker after the trial period of 2 days and after payment of full fees due to MyChores. Police verification will be done only where the requisite documents are available with the worker; we are not liable if the police verification is not done due to lack of documentation with worker. The time taken for police verification is not in our control and can extend up to 45 working days.

  11. If in cases where the worker leaves the job due to any reason you are liable to pay the salary for the number of days he / she has worked with you.

  12. You are liable to pay salary to the domestic worker for the trial period.

  13. Refund Terms :- Our clients are advised to check our refund terms. All refunds will be as per the refund policy.

  14. Company without any obligation may at its sole and absolute discretion provide references regarding the workers previous work place.

  15. Any products and/or services as availed/booked by you through the Company and also by any other medium operated by the company are after due diligence. However, the company will not be liable or responsible for any act of omission or commission on behalf of the service providers /individuals provided/deputed by the company. So also, the company will not be in any way be liable or responsible for any act of omission or commission on behalf of the individual/’s provided/deputed by the third party service providers / suppliers (“suppliers”) on behalf of the Company. These service providers / individuals are independent entities and are neither an employee, agent, partner of the Company nor do they have any other analogous relationship with the Company. Company is just a medium in consolidating and connecting individual and household, corporate, etc. with their requirement of service and with the persons who wish to avail their services. You agree that any product(s) and service(s) as listed on the App or on any other medium operated by the company is not provided by the Company.

  16. In the event you book/avail any products/services via the App or on any other medium operated by the company then the same shall be at your sole risk and responsibility. You shall be solely liable to ensure that you are lawfully entitled to book/avail such products/services and that you shall use the product(s)/service(s) for only legitimate purposes. You shall also ensure that in no event there exists any condition or situation at the place where service is to be provided that may pose any risk or hazard to the suppliers.

  17. Company does not endorse and shall not be responsible for any act(s)/omission(s) of the individuals rendering service(s) to you as booked through the App or on any other medium operated by the company. You shall not hold the Company liable for any act, error, omission, breaches or negligence of or by any individual including deficiency, unsatisfactory or delayed performance of services or for any personal injuries, death, or other damages or expenses resulting therefrom or from the use of services by you. Company without any obligation may at its sole and absolute discretion, try and resolve any dispute between you and the individual engaged by you.

  18. Company gives you limited non- exclusive, non-licensable, revocable, non-transferrable right to use the App and/or website to just book the products(s)/service(s) listed therein and in no event you shall have any right or license over the App or website including to download, copy, modify or use it any other manner.

  19. You shall be responsible for making full and final payment(s) for the product(s)/service(s) booked/availed by you within the stipulated time. Payment shall be due immediately upon your use of the product(s)/service(s). In addition there may be fees applicable to you as per the fees structure and taxes and other charges which you may be liable to pay in connection with the services. All fees paid to the company is non refundable, including the application money but not limited to the application money.

  20. You shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless for any loss, action, damages arising to the Company due to your acts/omissions/violation of any third party violation.

  21. You shall not misbehave with the domestic helps/individuals etc. in any manner and shall forthwith inform the Company in case of any concerns arising out of the individual(s)/service(s) and allow the Company to deal with the same.

  22. These T&Cs and all matters arising out of the use of company’s products and/or services shall be governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India, and you hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai.

Privacy Policy

The “Company” collects and stores personal information such as name, address, age, IP address, browser address, financial information, credit card, debit card etc. and all other personally identifiable data of all persons (“user”) accessing this mobile application (“App”) or any other medium operated by the Company and all other information as associated with such persons use of the App/product(s)/service(s) via the App or any other medium operated by the company.

Company will only use user’s financial information only for transactions, on the App or on any other medium operated by the company, for any other product and services of the Company by the user and shall provide highest degree of care and security to such financial information as possible by the Company.

Since product(s)/service(s) listed on the App are provided by individuals not related to the Company, the Company reserves the right to share user information end users. Further Company shall share your personal information with its employees, services providers, agents, third party only on a need to know basis.

By using/accessing the App or website, users agree that transacting over internet has its own inherent risks and hence users will need to adhere to their own security practice including not divulging their account and other personal information in any unauthorized manner and to any unauthorized person and informing Company forthwith if any suspicious activity is detected pertaining to their personal information or where such information/account of the user may have been compromised.

Company will use “cookies” to collect and store user’s personal information and to offer certain features of the App or website via such cookies. In case user’s share their personal information via any other medium with the Company then the Company also stores such information for the purpose as identified in this policy.

Company may be required to disclose user’s personal information due to any requirement under law. Accordingly, Company is authorized to make such disclosures.

The App or website may contain link to other websites/url, which Company does not take any responsibility for.

Company on a best effort basis has put in place appropriate measures and mechanism to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of user data. However transactions over internet are not entirely secure and has its own inherent risk hence Company shall have no liability for any loss, misuse or alteration of user data.

For any queries related to Company’s privacy policy and terms and conditions, please reach out to info@mychores.in


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