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Nov. 2019

After a long day at work, coming home to piles of tiresome chores and housework is bound to induce a splitting headache. Not to mention if you have children pulling and tugging at you to satisfy their whims and fancies. In such a situation when feeling strained from juggling multiple household chores every single day, hiring an extra pair of hands to do the work seems like an attractive option.

Taking the decision on whether to hire a maid near me can be a tough one. There are many maid services in Navi mumbai which you can go through but we suggest to go for the best. Maids are now becoming a crucial part of families. From cleaning duties to raising the kids of the house, maids are responsible for the well-being of a household.

Maids are considered the backbone of households since they are the ones who ensure the smooth running of the family. Hence hiring the best maid agency in mumbai is very necessary.

So it's always best to look for the perfect domestic helper to look after your household while you are busy at work. Engaging someone to be responsible for your home may be intimidating and daunting, but fear not! MyChores is a domestic maid agency in Thane and it is the best choice you can make.

We, at MyChores provide seamless maid services in Navi mumbai which are highly trustworthy and professional work ethics.

When you hire our maid near me for your housecleaning needs, you know you’re getting all the benefits of professional home care while still getting a plan to fit your individual home.

We strictly adhere to our principles to ensure we remain the best maid agency in Mumbai.

Being a domestic maid agency in Thane, we adhere to certain principles which consist of three parts. Firstly, we understand your needs and requirements. Secondly, we thoroughly screen the candidates to ensure we only provide you with the best maid. Lastly, we find the perfect match for you.

Our maid services in Navi mumbai not only clean your house faster, but also give you the leisure time you need to focus on the stuff you truly care about. Our home care services are different from others. To know how, read the points given below:

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Yes! Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. When we work with you we ensure your satisfaction the most. If we sense a slight hint of dissatisfaction, our team will be on their toes finding a satisfactory solution for you! Being the best maid agency in Mumbai isn't a small talk hence we take everything seriously.

  2. Excellence in every step:

    We serve excellence in every step. We believe in ' Attention to details' and this is what makes us different from others. Our obsessive attention to detail means you can expect perfection and excellence, every time.

  3. Professional cleaning:

    Cleaning is one thing that you can tick off from your to do list when you have our maid services in Navi Mumbai. We clean your home with eco-friendly cleaning agents and ensure that every unattended corner of your home is shining. All of our professional cleaning experts and maid near me undergo training to ensure they’re prepared and professional when they come to your home.

  4. Experience:

    Our experience in domestic cleaning services as a domestic maid agency in Thane has taught us that every home is as unique as the people living there. Our trained staff offers the very highest standards of service, leaving you with a fresh smelling and beautifully clean home every time.

  5. Cost:

    Whatever service you require, Our maid near me will be happy to assist you. To make hiring the best maid agency in Mumbai an affordable task we provide pocket friendly and cost effective home care services.

  6. We make you meet your selected professional in person:

    Trust is what is the backbone of everything. So, to ensure that you are satisfied and able to trust our cleaning experts, we organize in person meetings if requested. You get to know the person better and can ask him/her whatever doubt you have. Getting a helper with experiences in previous similar households can serve as a helpful guide for future circumstances.

  7. An established name

    Unlike other home cleaning providers, MyChores is an established domestic maid agency in Thane that you already know, and you can trust us with the place where you live, eat, and play. With our maid services in Navi Mumbai you always get the best treatment for you and your home.

  8. Trustworthiness:

    We believe that our success is best reflected through your comfort and trust in us. Hence to maintain and increase that trust we are constantly updating our services and providing you with only the best services, which suits your needs. Our trustworthy services are now at your fingertips. Choose what's best for you and your home.

  9. Complete Privacy:

    This is the biggest concern for a lot of homeowners when it comes to hiring maid services in Navi mumbai. But this will no longer be a reason for you holding back from living a peaceful life when you have MyChores by your side. Our experts do not invade your privacy and allow you to live a worry-free life without any interferences.

  10. Verified professionals at your doorstep:

    Before taking anyone on board, we conduct criminal background checks on every prospective employee, we verify job history, and conduct employment verifications. We ensure extreme caution while empanelling any person on our list. Each person has to abide by a set of standards before being empanelled on our list. Hence, quality is not a concern if you hire MyChores - the best maid agency in Mumbai. We rank your safety and security at the top of our business priorities.


Mission: To become a one-stop-shop for all household requirements - ranging from hiring domestic help to upkeep and maintenance of the house.

Employing a domestic maid near me may seem intimidating and worrisome, however, having a maid around has its own perks and benefits. Engaging with the right domestic maid agency in Thane for your domestic helper needs can aid in relieving your headaches and hesitations when it comes to hiring the perfect maid for your household.

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