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15 Tricks to keep your house always clean and tidy

Nov. 2018
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House cleaning is a daunting task if it has a lot of mess and it requires tough cleaning. Most of the work can go easy if you know the right tricks and tips that will help you save time and effort. If your house seems messy but you lack time, with these routines you will manage to keep the chaos at bay. MyChores a professional maid service provides the following advice tips that will make your house cleaning efforts fruitful without tiring you out.

  1. Never leave home in the morning without making the bed

    When you make your bed in the morning you will get a clean and cozy bedroom even if you arrive late and from work. Being ahead of time always pays.

  2. Empty the dishwasher while making coffee

    During the minutes that the teapot takes to boil or the coffee warmer is heated, make use of the precious time to remove the things from the dishwasher or to scrub a pan by hand.

  3. Make a list of everything you have to buy while you are away

    Use the journey from work to home to buy cleaning products, some extra ingredient for dinners or going to the cleaners. This way you will gain leisure time to use during the weekend.

  4. Get rid of all the papers you do not use

    Take advantage while having breakfast to pick up and throw papers, newspapers or old magazines, advertising. It will come with you doing one day a week.

  5. Order the cables

    A bundle of unordered cables will cause the space to be disorganized. The solution to this? As soon as you sit down at the desk, take the opportunity to store cables and chargers in a drawer.

  6. Set aside a specific place to store your electronic devices

    Photo camera, tablet, or laptop all electronics placed in a drawer or on a tray, you will make your work place at home look more organized.

  7. And when you get home, everything in its place

    Do not leave your bag or clothes anywhere-on the bed, on the sofa, or hanging on the kitchen chairs. Sooner or later, you will have to pick it up, so it is best to put it in its place when you get home from work. The space will be ordered and you will get rid of the task.

  8. Spend a few minutes between homework and homework to brush up dust on surfaces

    While the iron is heating up or you wait for the movie or your favorite series to start, you can go over some shelves or the envelope on the table.

  9. Use baskets to organize

    Distribute baskets and boxes decorated throughout the house to hide objects that cause disorder. One day a week, review them and get rid of what you do not need or are going to use.

  10. Clean and order while cooking

    Try to clean and organize at the same time you cook. Start by saving what you no longer need, just after you have used it - the cutting board, spices, and the squeegee. The objective of this? A more open and clean kitchen and no need to clean it later.

  11. Order food in the refrigerator and pantry

    Vegetables with vegetables preserved on the one hand; oils and sauces, on the other. In this way, you will always know what is there and what is missing to make the purchase. You will save time and money with an organized refrigerator.

  12. Take the opportunity to clean the inside of the bathtub while you shower

    We do not expect you to stop enjoying your moments of pleasure; simply, clean over hard-to-reach corners and you'll get to keep the bathroom shining longer.

  13. Always hang towels

    After drying, get used to leaving them in the right place- hanging on the hanger or on the towel rack, a very simple gesture that will make the bathroom always look more organized.

  14. Organize your beauty products before going to bed

    Take advantage of the beauty routine at night to organize containers and bathroom products, leaving by hand those that are finished. This will help you avoid the accumulator of empty tubes and boxes in the bottom of the drawer or the closet. The mess will not let you realize that you actually have some of the products and you will end up buying more and unnecessarily filling the bathroom with more and more things!

  15. Choose your clothes and those of the children for the next day, before going to sleep

    You will avoid morning discussions and the mess of the closet looking for some concrete garment that, with the rush of the morning will rile you up.

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