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A plan to de-stress your home after a long time

Jan. 2019

If you want to refine and clean the house so that it will look like new after the holidays, the first thing you have to do is get rid of all those things that "poison" your home. Not in the literary sense but from the point of view of dust and dirt. 

A house is a house for many things. Literally thousands and thousands of things and the very basic instinct of a human being is that it loves his things and never wants to throw things away.  Over years we being fond of many things some of which are important and some of them are absolutely necessary. It is not about accumulation of the necessary things. It is about accumulation of excess things that we only use once or twice or to our surprise never! Despite that it is commonly seen that the drawers and the closets are filled with all sorts of unimportant and outdated things that they almost resemble to crap.

Give your home a new look

The return to routine is a good time to give a new look to your home. The first step to doing it is to get rid of what you do not need. Put aside sentimentality and start throwing things! You can clean the house yourself but if you want to get help from deep cleaning services providers you can get a good cleaning from MyChores, an online domestic workers hiring platform.

Mess in the kitchen

Banish everything you do not use: old mugs and cups, plastic and paper bags (instead of accumulating them, use them to carry things to be recycled) and do not leave even a box or a vessel that does not have a lid.

Refrigerator and freezer

The ideal thing is to clean the refrigerator and freezer when they are almost empty, so the previous days cook with what you have in them. Fill the gaps with ice packs to avoid spending too much energy. And when there are few foods left, put them in a picnic fridge and clean the interior well.

Dispose waste food in time

All those foods that you have accumulated in vessels for an eternity and that are already mummified. Expired foods, the ketchup or soy envelopes that you are accumulating, sauces that you rarely use. These foods are potent in inviting insects and harboring disease causing microbes.  

The mighty bathroom

If you're not going to go back to the beach or the pool, throw away the sunscreens. Dispose the creams, manicure items, makeup items that are no longer needed.  Also throw the cans of soaps and cosmetics that you have not used for a long time and all those samples that you accumulate without end.

The important first aid kit

The first-aid kit is one of the forgotten ones. Check the expiration dates of the medications, and those that are already past take them to a collection point. Although first aid box always has less dirt but it is a wise thing to take a look at the old items because anyways they are going to invite spillage, dust and dirt.

Check your case

You can also take the opportunity to give a good review of your make-up bag and get rid of everything that is out of date or no longer used.

Goodbye to summer clothes

And to all that you do not wear! Take advantage of the wardrobe change to donate or throw away what you have not put on this summer. To facilitate the task you can do 3 heaps: throw, save and fix.


Throw the towels and old sheets that you collect without realizing it. Having a pair, off and on is enough.

Clear the work area

The more ordered and clear this area is, the greater your concentration (and the match that you can take).

Previous study material

Review it with your children and keep only what is useful for the new course. Also throw out the pens and markers that do not paint the notebooks that are finished.

Drawings and crafts

Make a selection to save the drawings and crafts of your children and the rest throw them or hang them on the wall, give them to relatives.

Check the toys

Donate those that no longer fit with the age of your children or with those who do not play, and throw those that are broken or missing a piece.

Final word:

This way you can categorize different things in your home and get rid of the unwanted things systematically without having to create mess. Not that those household things are unimportant but the habit of keeping each and every item safely without wanting to lose it is a bad thing for cleanliness.Deep cleaning services providers always advice people to keep minimum things at home as possible.  

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