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How to clean kitchen furniture like professional cleaners

Oct. 2018
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Do you want to clean kitchen furniture like a professional kitchen cleaning services? We will show you how.

Without a doubt, the kitchen is one part of the house most susceptible to stains. We spend a large part of our time in the kitchen. When cooking, it is normal for grease stains to accumulate, debris and all kinds of dirt difficult to remove. That is why it is so important to know how to clean kitchen furniture.

If you do not know how to clean kitchen furniture correctly, stains can accumulate and reach a point that is truly difficult to remove them. For reasons of hygiene, it is important to clean kitchen furniture very often. The image of your house can be affected by a dirty kitchen. Also, since we are going to have to spend much time in it, we better have it in the best possible conditions.

The result may be worse if you use wrong techniques while cleaning kitchen furniture. We can spread the grease stains, leave traces and spoil the finished surfaces of the kitchen furniture.

Do not miss a single detail and you will learn how to clean kitchen furniture like a true professional.

  • What parts of the kitchen should I clean?

    The kitchen has areas especially prone to accumulate dirt. It is precisely in these areas that we have to pay more attention when cleaning kitchen furniture. You have to keep in mind, that the best solution when cleaning kitchen furniture and maintaining them, is to clean a little every day. After cooking, it is important to leave everything collected and clean. This way you will prevent the dirt from accumulating and sticking to your furniture.

    Despite these precautions, the kitchen will also get dirty and a more thorough cleaning will be necessary. It will be more complicated since accumulated grease and dirt are harder to remove. But with patience and desire nothing is impossible!

    In this thorough cleaning you should pay special attention to these parts:

    • Extractor hood
    • Worktop
    • Cutlery
    • Cookware
    • Gas burner

    These areas of the kitchen are more exposed to dirt and we must pay special attention and care when cleaning.

  • How to clean wooden kitchen furniture like kitchen cleaning services?

    • How to clean the extractor hood?

      It is one of the areas that needs a deep cleaning, and at the same time one of the most difficult to clean. Since we do not pay so much attention to it every day, it is important that when you do a deep cleaning, you do it with care.

      To clean this part of the house you can use gin or vodka. These two alcoholic drinks are perfect to completely disinfect this area of ​​the house. This trick is especially useful if your extractor hood is made of steel. You will get rid of all the accumulated fat and dirt, and it will shine like it did on the first day.

    • Clean the countertop correctly

      We need to clean the countertops every day after cooking. Although they may seem clean for this reason, it is one of the areas in the kitchen where more bacteria accumulate.

      The good part is that it is one of the areas in the kitchen that can be cleaned more easily. In a couple of minutes you can leave it as new. You will not need to spend money on a specific product; it will be enough to use soap and water. If you want to add a fresher and citrus smell, just add a few drops of lemon juice.

      The first thing before cleaning the countertop, is to empty it completely. Wipe down any remaining crumbs or food that may have remained. With the mixture you have previously made of soap and water, spray the entire worktop in abundance. Spread it with a damp sponge. Once finished, try to dry it correctly. Otherwise, the soap stains may leave a mark. If there is dirt on the countertop joints that you have not been able to clean properly, you can help with a toothbrush.

      It will be shiny as new!

  • Clean utensils and cutlery

    From the use and constant washing, it is normal that our utensils and cutlery lose their shine and rust. To recover its original brightness, you will only need to use half an onion. If you rub hard you will see how little they recover the shine again. To finish, wash them to remove the smell that the onion can leave. With this trick you will see that they recover their original brightness and you will be preventing oxidation.

  • How to clean kitchen furniture with grease

    • The Gas burner

      To keep them working properly, it is important that they remain perfectly clean. When cooking, any carelessness can cause them to stain. Some sauce that spills, a piece of vegetable that falls. No doubt when cleaning kitchen furniture you should pay special attention to this area.

      If something is spilled on top of the burners, you may clog the holes. This will cause the flame does not come out with such intensity and bother you at the time of cooking. To clean it you will only need a metal bristle brush. But if you're looking to clean the burners in depth, we have the solution. You put vinegar and very hot water in equal parts. You deposit your burners in the container, and leave them to soak for an hour or so. You will see that all the dirt disappears right away.

Final word:

Now you have learned how to clean kitchen furniture like professional kitchen cleaning services. The most important thing is to be consistent in cleaning it. This way, when it came time to do the deep cleaning, it will be cleaner. The grease and dirt that accumulate in the kitchen are very difficult to remove if we leave it too long. They can stick and we will need specific chemical products to be able to eliminate them.

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