Is there someone at your home who has been suffering with an ailment for a long time and is dire need of patient care services? Doesanyone in your family need an attendant to take care of him when he has been discharged of late from the hospital? If these are the questions that are worrying you during a busy schedule, then MyChores will be happy to lend you a helping hand by selecting a care takeraccording to your requirements. Besides serving as a companion, you could trust us with care takers who would be polite, ensure that the medicines are given on a regular basis, help in feeding the patient or even aid him while he is grooming himself. The attendants that we provide are experienced individuals and consider every service much more than a simple responsibility. So here how you can hire your trusted caretaker for you dear ones through MyChores.

Personal Interviews:

Once you have communicated what you would be expecting from us, we search individualswho offer patient care services in Mumbai and pre-screen the candidates for you. At the onset, you need to pay a registration fee after which we would line up the interview with the potential candidates. You could interview these potential candidates personally and hire the best suited candidate for your need.

Trial Period:

Post the face to face meet up, you can judge the attendant’s proficiency as well as the culture fit by going for a trial period of 2 days. Just in case if you are not satisfied with the patient care service provided, you can get back to us and we would be more than happy to serve you in searching someone more suited.


We assure you that security will never be a problem with us because even before the attendant is sent to you, our team conducts background checks and document verifications. In addition, police verifications are initiated once you have confirmed your care taker.


After confirming the assistant from your end, you can inform MyChores about your decision and pace ahead in paying the remaining placement fee. To get an idea about our fee structure, please visit Pricing page on our website.

Important Note:

We would like to emphasize on the fact that we are facilitators who help you to hire one of the best attendant. Selecting, hiring or finding a replacement is what our team deals in. We suggest that prior to appointing a patient care assistant, you be very clear on monthly payout, the timings and the responsibilities. Moreover, you can also train the attendant the way you want them to be.

Book Now with MyChores if a busy schedule is making it tough for you to hire a trustworthy patient care taker. We would be happy to serve you in the best way possible.

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