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Is hiring a pet caretaker worth it?

Oct. 2019

Having second thoughts about hiring a pet caretaker in Mumbai due to many reasons?

Fret not! You are now with us on the journey of finding out what is best for your pet. After reading this article we are sure you will find a positive and correct answer.

If you're a pet owner you pretty well know the chores that comes with your sweet little pet. So, whether you are a traveller, office person or just busy with some or the other work all the time, arranging care for your pet while you're away can feel like an overwhelming decision.

More than nine in 10 pet owners consider their pet to be a member of the family, which means you're probably looking for pet caretaker near me who will not only provide for basic needs like food and water, but also companionship, reassurance and playtime while you're away. In such a scenario, hiring MyChores a pet caretaker in Mumbai will definitely give you a sigh of relief.


Let’s face it, none of us really like to leave our pets at home when we are going out of town, but situations can arise where taking your pet along is impossible. In these cases, hiring a pet caretaker may be your best option.

There are many options for pet caretaker in Mumbai, of course, but the key is finding the right option for you (and your pet). From continuing education, to best care for all your pets to minimize the stress your absence creates, professional pet care services in Thane are worth their weight in gold.

Leaving your pet and your home in the hands of someone you who is less than reliable could not only be dangerous for your pet, it can leave your house vulnerable to all sorts of accidents. Below you’ll find reasons how hiring a professional pet caretaker near me is worth it and it's the way to go:

  1. Services Tailored for Your Needs:

    Each pet and each home is unique. With MyChores you receive individualized care geared towards you and your pet’s needs. Our pet caretaker in Mumbai will deliver the suited services for your pet’s personal needs. We can combine any services to meet your needs and our pet sitters follow your specific home and pet care instructions.

  2. Professional Service:

    No one can take better care of your pet than us. All our caretakers are certified and experienced to handle your pet and its needs. They are experienced in dealing with all types of pet personalities and will be knowledgeable in helping your pet feel relaxed and happy in your absence.

  3. Does more than just Feeding:

    A professional pet sitter does more than feed your animal. He or she will make sure it gets the exercise it needs on a daily basis. They also are skilled to give your pet any medication if needed. They make sure your pet follows his/her correct diet as it's a matter of the health and safety of your pet. Our pet care services in Thane act us a helping hand to you.

  4. More time to yourself:

    Some pets just don’t do well left alone for long periods at a time. If you have a demanding job that requires you to work well into the evening, then hiring professional pet care services in Thane will ensure your pet gets the exercise and attention it needs.

  5. Convenience:

    When you hire a pet caretaker near me you never have to deal with transporting your pet. With the combination of home care and pet sitting services in one, you take care of two big chores at the same time when you choose us. Two things less to worry about.

  6. Safety at its best:

    This is the biggest concern for every pet owner and we understand that! You want to be sure your loved one will be kept safe. Hence we only take people with good track record on board with us as we want to deliver only the best to you. If, by chance, your pet falls ill or meets an accident, our pet sitter will do the right thing to ensure your little one’s safety.

  7. Quality, Personal Care:

    Just like people, pets get lonely. A good pet caretaker near me comes in and actually pays attention to your animal. That’s what they are paid for! You’ll come home to a happier animal which makes you feel like you never left!

  8. Your pet’s health is not compromised:

    Pets that are left in a boarding facility are more likely to get sick due to exposure to other dogs who may be infected. Hence hiring a pet caretaker in Mumbai eliminates exposure to illnesses from other animals

  9. Familiar environment for your pet:

    Sleeping in a strange place, in a new bed or cage can be stressful for an animal. In such a case, hiring pet care services in Thane ensures your pet’s routine remains nearly the same. It gets to stay in the home it knows and loves.

  10. Your pet will no longer be a burden for your friends:

    Even the best of friends get tired of looking after your animal each time you leave town. And the more you ask, the more irritating it becomes. After awhile they won’t be putting much effort into the task. Hence its best to leave the job to the professionals. Go for our pet care services in Thane that ensures your needs are heard.

  11. You get better peace of Mind:

    When you have a vacation plan you want to enjoy your vacation and not worry about the safety of your pet or if your house has been broken into. A pet caretaker near me will collect your mail, change the lights, and make the place look lived in. At MyChores our staff follows your specific house and pet care instructions. You come back to a home that appears to be lived while you were away.

Now that you know why you should hire a pet caretaker, look no further! My Chores offers excellent, experienced and trustworthy pet caretaker in Mumbai that will knock your socks off. So taking the time to find trustworthy pet care services in Thane will do more than keep your pet and home safe, it will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time away.

If you work long hours or just take an occasional vacation, then choosing MyChores pet care services in Thane ensures you return home to a healthy and happy pet.

Bingo!! Our professional pet care services suit your budget and schedule!

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